Saturday, 1 October 2016

Diabetes Educator Announcement

Newtown Nutrition is excited to announce that our dietitian Kate is now a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE).  As a CDE, Kate has extensive experience in diabetes and is able to provide diabetes self-management education, as well as information, motivation and support to aid in the prevention of diabetes-related complications. If you have diabetes or are at risk of diabetes, meeting with a Diabetes Educator will support you in your understanding of the condition and provide guidance for achieving optimal health.  

With a GP referral, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for your diabetes education appointment, but a GP referral is not necessary to book in with Kate (please note that we do not bulk bill).  If you have questions about whether a diabetes educator would be helpful in your care, feel free to direct your questions to  

To book in with Kate, you may ring reception at 02 9517 9932.  

Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

At Newtown Nutrition, we work closely with some of Sydneys leading weight loss surgeons - assisting their patients to get the best results from their bariatric surgery.

The main concern post-surgery is being able to get enough nutrition with such a small stomach (generally 1/2 cup portion per meal). Whilst people successfully learn to implement adequate nutrition with the limited portion size, two re-occurring complaints we hear as Dietitians is that people struggle to know what to eat socially and to come up with variety.

This image was sent in from one of our previous clients who has shown that eating post-op, doesn't have to be boring! How's this for a gourmet selection?

Protein - check!
Fibre - check!
Variety - check!

Eating post-op can be an exciting challenge. If you've had weight loss surgery and are struggling to know what to eat, check in with one of our experienced Dietitians.

Discount Code For Vitamin King

We've teamed up with the crew at Vitamin King to offer 5% discount on any of their stock, either online or in store!

You might think - aren't you Dietitians? Shouldn't you be promoting real food? Well, yes! But whilst we recommend getting your nutrition from wholefoods primarily, for some of our patients, getting that little bit of help is often either extremely handy or vital for their health. So whether you need some extra calcium or iron supplements, protein powders or anything else to get you to optimal health, check out and pop in the codes below at the checkout.

What's more is that at Vitamin King, there's so much more than supplements and vitamins! Here's a few of our faves;

Fusions ActiViral - one of the reasons I didn't get sick this winter!

Bobs Red Mills Cereal - one of the heartiest grain mixes i've ever tried - delicious breakfast!

Springfields Essential Oils - some of the best blends I've ever come across.

Our Eco Home Air Fresheners - we use this in our offices & if you are into natural living then it's definitely one to try!